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"Captain Josh and the Drill Team"

“Captain” Josh Williams is a 78-year-old retired longshoreman living in San Francisco. He has travelled a long road in his life, born in Texas in 1934, the son of a black sharecropper, finally landing in San Francisco where he became a proud member of the longshore union. But walk into his house, a small terraced building near Candlestick Park, and you enter another world. As your eyes adjust to the blue hue of the light filtering through a giant aquarium, you realize that the walls are covered, every square inch, with photos, newspaper clippings and awards of Captain Josh’s pride and joy, his Drill Team.

This is a team full of characters, full of high jinx. To watch them board a trolley car on the Embarcadero on route to St. Patrick’s Day is to watch a highjack of a quiet ride along the Bay, turned into a semi-riotous performing arts piece. It’s all jokes and innuendo, lots of cleats on the wooded floorboards and the polishing of each others’ shoes. Click here to see the Drill Team rehearsing.

To read an article about the Drill Team which apppeared in the "Christian Science Monitor," click here.

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