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To Make a Long Story Short: the Life and Times of Sam Kagel

The heart of the film is Sam himself, who describes his life’s work in his own inimitable style. Sam speaks with a directness and clarity that makes understanding even the most complex issues easy and gives the listener the human side of historic events. For example, he remembers getting Harry Bridges and Jimmy Hoffa down on their knees in a San Francisco hotel room to draw up a plan of the docks on sheets of butcher paper. It became the basis of an agreement between the ILWU and the Teamsters, that months of negotiations had failed to produce. From the street battles of 1934 to the contract negotiations for NFL stars, Sam kept America at work.

The film features interviews with people who knew Sam well, adding a richness to our portrait of this extraordinary man. Photos, newspaper headlines, personal letters, music and artifacts highlight the stories.

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