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Ian Visits with Pete Seeger

Earlier in the project, Ian had a unique opportunity to sit down with folk music legend Pete Seeger. During their meeting, Pete shared stories about Harry Bridges and the various movements for social justice that he has been involved in, as well as his hopes for the future. Ian was particularly excited when Pete pulled out his banjo and they sang the "Ballad of Harry Bridges"  together. 

Few union leaders have had songs written about them, but at least two were written about Harry Bridges. “Song for Bridges” was written in 1941 by Pete Seeger, Lee Hays, and Millard Lampell, all members of the "Almanac Singers."

Woody Guthrie wrote “Ballad of Harry Bridges”, performed in our film by Woody’s granddaughter, Sarah Lee Guthrie. In "Hard Hitting Songs For Hard People" Guthrie wrote, "The trouble Harry Bridges had on the west coast took place while I was making various noises on the radio there in Los Angeles and, well, I just sort of thought they ought to be some kind of a little song wrote up about old Harry and the tough old human race for which he stands."

We 'd like to thank Mr. Seeger for his dedication to and participation in the work of The Harry Bridges Project. His music and lyrics have helped make this world a much better place.