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Sam & Harry:

Mister Impartial Chairman, The Devil Incarnate, and a Case or Two of Jack Dan

"Ian Ruskin's marvelous tribute to the renowned arbitrator Sam Kagel supassed our expectations in every way. The audience was at once informed, empowered and enthralled. I am proud to give my highest recommendation."
Chuck King, Organizational Development, California Teachers Association

This multi-media presentation entertains and educates as it focuses on the life and work of the "Father of American Labor Arbitration" Sam Kagel.  Ian Ruskin, as Harry Bridges, introduces scenes from the Sam Kagel documentary "To Make a Long Story Short", and at times "converses" with Sam, while focusing on three themes.

  1. The 50 year plus friendship and working relationship between the two men.
  2. Slices of Sam's extraordinary life:
    • from celebrating the end of World War I
    • to walking up Market Street in the great 1934 funeral march
    • to getting married, again, at age 93.
  3. Sam's immense contributions to the American labor movement:
    • Especially his skill at arbitration
    • the over 10,000 cases he worked including his work with Jimmy Hoffa, Barry Sanders and streaking flight attendants.

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