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Project Sponsors

The Project wouldn't be possible without the generous help of our sponsors.

Organizational Sponsors

The ILWU Coast Labor Relations Committee
The Wallace Alexander Gerbode Foundation
The California Council for the Humanities
Marine Clerks Memorial Association, ILWU Local 63
The Hawai'i Council for the Humanities
The Los Angeles County Arts Commission 
JAMS Foundation 
The National Football League Management Council
The National Football League Players Association
Kazan, McClain, Abrams, Fernandez, Lyons & Farrise Foundation 
The Diane Middleton Foundation
Pennisula Community Foundation
The Institute for Labor and Employment
The Pacific Maritime Association
The Port of Los Angeles
The Port of Long Beach
The Port of Seattle
Port of Tacoma 
The Port of Oakland
The Port of San Francisco
ILWU Local 13 
The International Brotherhood of Teamsters 
Northern California Carpenters Regional Council 
The Washington Commission for the Humanities
The Oregon Council for the Humanities
The California Teachers Association
The California Nurses Association
The Southern California Pensioners Association
The Ragir Foundation 
The International Longshore & Warehouse Union
ILWU Local 142
Marine Clerks Memorial Association 
The International Brotherhood of Teamster’s Joint Council No. 7 
The International Organization of Masters, Mates and Pilots
California Processsors, Inc.
The International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers, Local 1245
Weinberg, Roger & Rosenfeld
ILWU Canada LOcal 500
ILWU Local 92
ILWU Local 94
ILWU Local 142
ILWU Local 10
Columbia River Pensioners Memorial Association
Bay Area Longshore Memorial Association
ILWU Local 12
ILWU Local 23
ILWU Local 40
ILWU Local 14
Astoria ILWU Pensioners
ILWU Local 23 Pensioners
Vancouver Pensioners Club
ILWU Local 8

Individual Sponsors

Jack Stryker
Ted "Whitey" Kelm
Peter Hansen
Roger Worthington (Roger G. Worthington, P. C.) 
Aris Anagnos
Cindy Kobetich and Barbara Harrold in memory of their father Harry Minaker
Betty W. and Stanley K. Sheinbaum
Denise Abrams 
Simona Farrise
Frank Fernandez
Dianna Lyons
The Arain Family
Mary Bitterman
Tim Brown
Carl Bunch 
Erska L. Barnett
Robbie and Jan Bridges
Walter Cook
Bob Dockendorf
Bill Duncan
Carolyn Doggett and Roger Severin
Jay Folberg 
Robert Freedman
Jeanne Ames Kagel
Lilian Laskin 
Paula and Sidney Machtinger 
Suzy and Wally Marks
Elaine Tyler May
Michael McLavy
David Mora
Nancy O'Connor
Al and Mert Perisho
Stephev Rohde
Nancy L. Powers and The Powers Family Trust 
Norman and Patricia Tuck
Cleophas and Sadie Williams

Our work is also made possible with the support of

The Harry Bridges Institute
Maritime Trades Department of Southern California
Maritime Union of Australia
The Initiative Factory Liverpool, England 
ILWU Locals 4, 5, 10, 13, 19, 21, 24, 27, 34, 40, 46
47, 51, 63, 91, 92, 94, 98, 142, and 200 
ILWU Canada - Locals 500, 502, 505, 514, 517 and 523
US Represdentative Janice Hahn, 36th Congressional District
The ILWU Columbia River District Council
The ILWU Pacific Coast Pensioners Association
Inland Boatmen's Union of the Pacific Columbia River
HBI Columbia River Committee
ILWU Auxiliary 5
ILWU Longview Pension Group
ILWU Southern California Pensioners Group
Olympia Longshoremans' Benevolent Association
Seattle Pensioner's Club
And hundreds of other individuals and organizations